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M2M / IoT

Our portfolio includes a wide array of building blocks and end-to-end solutions for M2M / IoT applications including Industrial Grade Gateways with multiple RF and uplink options, Embedded Communication Modules (Cellular, Long/LPWAN and Short range), Industrial and IoT Sensors and Wireless Sensors Network for remote monitoring and control.

Our products and solutions are used world-wide across industries for M2M / IoT applications and use cases including Telemetry, Flood Monitoring, Smart City (Smart Metering, Smart Parking, Smart lighting, Smart Waste Collection, Urban Air Quality, etc), Smart Buildings, Asset Tracking, Industrial Automation, Condition Monitoring, Vending Machines, Payment Systems, Energy Monitoring and Demand/Response management, Supply Chain Management and IoT Healthcare Applications.

Geo Positioning & Mapping

Being a valuable component enabling technological leaps in applications such as UAV, Robotics, GIS, mapping, vehicle tracking, airborne navigation, asset management, attitude systems and accurate timing systems, Positioning & Mapping technologies are continuously evolving and expanding to new applications in diversified industries such as Military & Defense, Geospatial, Transportation, Energy &Utilities, Construction and Agriculture.

Our products include a variety of GPS/Glonass modules & Chipsets, GNSS Positioning & Heading Systems, GPS/GNSS Receivers,  LIDAR systems, Inertial & MEMS sensors, Inertial systems, GPS/GIS/GNSS Antennas, GPS re-radiating systems and accessories, Professional laser rangefinders, GPS products for Mapping & GIS, Real time differential correction services,  Digital attitude sensors, Timing Chips & Modules, Timing Systems and other Time & Frequency Products. 

Wireless Communications and Networks

Enabling voice and data transmission even at the roughest conditions. The Wireless division broad selection of products includes VHF/UHF Data links, point to point/multi point microwave radio links, SCADA radios, RF Amplifiers, Bluetooth modules, microwave radios, laser-radio links (Free space Optics), embedded cellular communication modules, short/long range communication modules, gateways, signal testers and communication antennas.

Used for remote data acquisition and monitoring, telemetry, asset tracking, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), environmental monitoring, voice transmission and more our Wireless Division addresses the needs of customers in diversified industries such as Energy & Utilities, Industrial manufacturing, Military & Defense, Public safety, Transport, Automotive and Fleet management, Security & Surveillance, telecom operators, private networks and many more.

Data Storage & Cloud Computing

Many cloud computing providers such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and Amazon are moving towards adoption of cloud technology leading to considerable escalation in the usage of various cloud services. To meet the needs of cloud service providers and customers various open source tools and commercial tools are being developed. Though many more developments have been taken place in cloud computing area, we proude to bring the busines new valued features such as security, interoperability, resource scheduling, virtualisation etc.

Mobile Phones & Personal Computers

As more and more transactions happen on mobile devices, there is an amazing opportunity to be seized in the B2B mobile commerce space. That is, if the industry is willing to make a few changes.

The savviest retailers and wholesalers are already shifting to a mobile-first strategy. They’re adopting the biggest benefits of on-the-go devices while ditching the legacy infrastructure problems to leap ahead of the pack.

Voice Platforms & Contact Centers

As a stand-alone or networked voice application or integrated with other communications applications our solutions help fixed and mobile operators, cable providers or MSOs, ISPs, and interconnect and wholesale carriers quickly capitalize on growing market segments and introduce differentiating products, applications and services for their business and consumer customers. 

Our market-leading network transformation, network functions virtualization, network interconnect, unified communications, consumer and business services, SIP trunking, security and cloud “Communication as a Service” solutions – which can be deployed in the network, on-premise or in the cloud – help service providers connect people to each other wherever they happen to be, addressing the growing demands of today’s consumers and businesses for real-time communications.

Components & Subassemblies

A broad selection of Electronic, RF, and Microwave components, modules, sub-assemblies and systems of leading and highly reliable brands including Rakon, M2Global, Berex, Polyphaser/Transtector, Spacek Labs and more.

Our product line includes among others Isolators and Circulators, MMIC devices, RF Microwave parts and sub-assemblies, amplifiers, frequency control solutions and lightening protection of our reputable global partners supported by our professional expertise and extensive experience.

Our Components division proudly serves businesses in diversified sectors including in the industrial, data communication, telecommunication, networking, wireless, military and aerospace markets.

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